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Hybroad Launched New Hospitality STB

Hybroad has successfully launched new generation hospitality STB for high level hotels in Asia and Middle East market, including Hong Kong, Macau, Indonesia, and Singapore UAE etc. The new STB delivers functions of Miracast, Software AP, STB Remotely management and Remote control key map automatic update.


Hybroad assists hospitality industries launch a branded entertainment service within a few months, delivering the service rapidly and cost-effectively. And customers benefit from smart, latest technology STBs that combine with technological partners’ capability to provide a seamless viewing experience.


As a specialist of IPTV, OTT and Hybrid STB, Hybroad has all around capabilities, including sales & marketing, R&D of both hardware & software, and manufacturing. Hybroad will keep on dedicating to broadband home entertainment products and solutions and commit to be global leading STB provider for worldwide customers.

Hybroad renews its worldwide IPTV/OTT partnership with Network Manager

Hybroad is glad to renew its global partnership with Network Manager.


Network Manager is a system integrator company that has realised projects by integrating Plum iTV products (Middleware, Origin, Edge) with Hybroad set-top boxes.


This new partnership holds presence in Balkan region and Europe, and will leverage local IPTV players’ business with easy and quality access to fast time-to-market IPTV solutions across Hybroad + Network Manager collaborative and sustainable IPTV e2e solution.


About Network Manager

Network Manager, based in Serbia, also with branch offices in Hungary and Bosnia and Herzegovina, is providing Plum IPTV Platform for telecom customers. Providing telecoms with wide range of services from Middleware, Origin and Edge servers for IPTV/OTT solutions. Network Manager also can offer a range wide of solutions to their clients such as (FTTH, EuroDOCSIS, IP NGN, COM, Wi-Fi Site Survey...).

Hybroad Adds RConsulting to Its Worldwide IPTV/OTT Partnership Line-up

Hybroad, focusing on providing IPTV/OTT set-top boxes for telcos, is glad to announce the addition of Bulgaria renowned IPTV platform provider RConsulting to its global line-up. RConsulting and Hybroad have partnered since late 2015 and we made tremendous progress of integration though the effort of both R&D teams. Several original operators have selected Hybroad STBs to power their business. The partnership will see local IPTV players gain access to fast-time-to-market IPTV solutions across Hybroad and RConsulting partnership.


About RConsulting

RConsulting, whose IPTV Platform serves 50% from the Bulgarian IPTV market, focus on telecom customers, providing with RC IPTV platforms, software products, billing systems RC bOSS, as well as CRM. Simplify the telecoms in providing wide range of services to their subscribers with our real-time, end-to-end solutions that address the entire subscriber lifecycle.

Hybroad launched the First 4K UHD and HEVC STB Certified with Netflix

High M616T

Hybroad launches the new M616T following the footsteps of the current Gen2 Personal Video Recorder for one customer which designed a few years ago. One big improvement is that the M616T records up to six channels at once from three different networks or streaming pay TV. Along with streaming pay TV channels you've also got access to movie purchase/rentals and catch up TV.


UHD, certified with Netflix

The icing on the cake is built-in access to Presto, Stan, and Netflix with support for Ultra HD streaming. Access to Ultra HD Netflix alone will win the M616T a berth in some lounge rooms, assuming your broadband connection is up to the task. It even won praise from Netflix "Hybroad has done a great job in the world to support Netflix in 4K."



What's especially significant is that the M616T and H626T support the more efficient HEVC video codec, which lets you stream Ultra HD Netflix with as little as 15.3 Mbps at your disposal (rather than 25 Mbps without HEVC).

Hybroad successfully exhibited on ANGA COM with 4K IPTV/OTT/Hybrid solutions

Hybroad, providing IPTV / Hybrid / OTT operators with customized STB products for over a decade, has successfully showcased itself on ANGA COM 2016.


ANGA COM, 7-9th June, Germany, Hybroad provided a latest technology, modern, secure and telco grade total STB solution with all essential ingredients for emerging and mature IPTV / Hybrid / OTT markets. With compelling total Set-Top Box solutions from zapper to high-end IPTV box, as well as 4K OTT Android solutions, attracted a big crowd of visitors.


Successfully commercial deployment of STBs for telco operators were introduced to visitors and was highly valued. Including the latest IPTV / Hybrid STB on Broadcom platform, supporting pure 4K, pre-integrated with Netflix and YouTube, as well as the advanced 4K OTT Android STB deployed by mobile operators and ICPs to further extending their business keeping up with the 4K OTT trend, together with Hybroad’s field-proven Trinity SDK for Android solutions, which includes flexible customized launcher, supporting extended STB features, DVB, IP multicast, advanced DRM, etc.


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