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Hybroad Media Browser- Takin


Takin 2.2 based on Webkit core, it is a web standards-based, fast-track media player solution, full score passed ACID2&3. This software runs an advanced user interface and video applications in a limited memory footprint, allowing for optimal implementation on iDTV and STB media decoder chipsets.


More than a browser

Takin delivers more than an user interface technology. We have integrated support for popular web standards and formats with synergistic technologies for streaming and playback of high definition video and audio over IP. Takin is designed for TV, featuring CE-HTML and vector graphics rendering functionalities, while maintaining low footprint and memory requirements.

Easy to deploy

Hybroad provides a complete development kit (Archimage) based on Takin for User Interface and Applications Software Develop. Archimage makes it easy for web and graphics design professionals to rapidly create, test, and implement unique cross-platform user interface assets and applications in conjunction with web design tools for creation of graphics, Flash animations and HTML. In addition, this SDK provides access to JavaScript extension APIs enabling integration with streaming video servers, middleware and subscriber management solutions.

Customizing Hardware Functions

•Adaptation of low level hardware drivers

•System Integration via JavaScript APIs with customer-specified DVB, PVR, DRM and head-end technology solutions

•Remote upgrade facility