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Successful case: Fetch TV

Fetch TV is the leading IPTV service provider in Australia.


ISP Partners:

OPTUS, DODO, iinet, Internode, Westnet, Adam Internet


Hybroad STB, as the main part of Fetch TV ecosystem, powerfully supports:

-Netflix, Youtube

-Free-to-air TV channels

-Record TV, easily record whole series

-Record two channels while you watch another one

-Pause and rewind TV

-7 day TV guide

-Catch up TV

-1TB hard drive, support up to 585 hours recording

So this means:

-There will be countless TV shows, movies and original series waiting for you to watch

-You can always have something good recorded ready to watch

-There’s no reason to ever miss your favourite show

-There will be no more arguing about what to watch. Just record it for later.


What Hybroad brings for Fetch TV:

-Stable customized hardware and short time-to-market product

-Elegant appearance and powerful function

-Effective collaboration, fast software integration to quick start service

-Professional software development and support

-High End STB Solution: 3GB RAM, 1TB HDD, 4 DVB-T Tuners, WiFi/Bluetooth

-Hybroad enhanced: Netflix, YouTube, OTT, HLS, DLNA

-Apps development support: Netflix, Stan, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, 9now


About Fetch

-Fetch TV is a new entrant to the Australian subscription TV scene and is the first Australian pay-TV provider to integrate the Netflix subscription. Fetch TV also combines Recording TV, the best free-to-air and subscription TV, the latest movies, and favorite web apps.

-Fetch TV offers over 100 channels; the latest blockbusters, 30 free Movie Box movie every month