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Successful case: TVB - myTV SUPER

Television Broadcasts Limited, commonly known as TVB, was established on 19 November 1967 and is the first wireless commercial television station in Hong Kong, accessible to over 300 million households.

TVB launches OTT service, myTV SUPER 2016 March. With strong TVB production library, myTV SUPER offers a vast volume and extensive choices of thematic channels and programmes. TVB has made a nine-digit investment in the new service, which it hopes will break even in two to three years. If the service succeeds in its home market, it will expand to other parts of Southeast Asia, where there is a large Chinese-speaking community.


Hybroad , as the unique supplier of TVB, powerfully supports:

- Remote control specifically customized for TVB

- Advanced Security, UI and Network connection Customed



- Live broadcasts of over 21 TV channels


- Time shift: Playback of contents broadcasted within three hours

- UHD 4K


So this means

- Cannot install third party APK through internet, local network, SD card, USB, etc.

- Secure boot
- Trusted Media path

- Root Prevention

- Prevent copy out of apk or library from the STB


What Hybroad brings to TVB

Proposed Android OS STB solution is specifically customized for TVB

- High performance, security and ultra-reliability

- Stylish and compact appearance

- Empower TVB to quickly deploy in eco-system safe