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Monday, 26 August 2019 20:31

Product Customization

Trustworthy Partner

Hybroad has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of networked audio and video products, from software to software, from operating systems to business integration, covering a wide range of vertical applications. In the past 20 years, Hybroad has cooperated with hundreds of telecom operators, content operators and system integrators in different regions of the world. Long-term accumulated expertise allows us to understand the real needs of our customers. At Hybroad, we are able to customize the product according to the customer's needs, and complete the whole process service from R&D to mass production.

In addition to ODM services, Hybroad also provides standard products for different needs. You don't need to start from scratch, you can directly customize base on our standard products, saving you valuable time and cost.


Professional R&D Ability

Hybroad has nearly 100 outstanding engineers, technical accumulation and perfect product verification capabilities, enabling us to respond quickly to your needs. Not only is hardware customization, Hybroad is able to provide customers with satisfactory business integration services, such as integrating middleware, CAS and DRM according to your business needs.


Product Verification and Quality Assurance

Hybroad has a professional laboratory that can perform more than a few product testing and testing, WiFi performance testing, EMC/EMI testing. Not only can the quality of the product be guaranteed, but also the wireless network and EMI performance of the product.
Through a centralized MES (Manufacturing Execution System) system, Hybroad can collect, store and organize quality, design and production data throughout the product lifecycle.

Monday, 26 August 2019 17:56

Now TV of PCCW


Now TV is one of the world's largest commercial deployments of IPTV and Hong Kong's largest pay-TV provider. It is delivered by PCCW Media Limited, the multimedia and entertainment subsidiary of PCCW Limited. Till now, Hybroad have developed five generations STB for Now TV, from SD MPEG2 STB to 4K Ultra HD STB. 

What Hybroad brings to PCCW

  • Business Driver of PCCW successful operation
  • The Growth of Now TV with Hybroad
  • Steady Now TV Growth Momentum


  • Cost-effective STB to save rental fee
  • Good quality STB to support fast and low OPEX
  • Innovative applications to drive ARPU growing
  • Effective local service in Hongkong


Wednesday, 21 August 2019 14:01

TVB MyTV Super

myTV SUPER is broadened by TVB that offers customer a vast volume and extensive choices of thematic channels and contents, including TVB self-produced shows, express dramas and variety shows, movies, classic movies, the latest Japanese anime, cartoons, sports and news. Live broadcast of a bunch of channels.
Television Broadcasts Limited, commonly known as TVB, was established on 19 November 1967 and is the first wireless commercial television station in Hong Kong, accessible to over 300 million households.




Hybroad , as the unique supplier of TVB, powerfully supports:

- Advanced Security, UI and Network connection Customed

- NFC Driver and Intergration

- CEC Intergation

- Live broadcasts Intergation of over 21 TV channels

- VOD Intergation

- Time shift Development: Playback of contents broadcasted within three hours

- Remote control specifically customized for TVB

- UHD 4K Testing


So this means

- Cannot install third party APK through internet, local network, SD card, USB, etc.

- Secure boot
- Trusted Media path

- Root Prevention

- Prevent copy out of apk or library from the STB


What Hybroad brings to TVB

Proposed Android OS STB solution is specifically customized for TVB

- High performance, security and ultra-reliability

- Stylish and compact appearance

- Empower TVB to quickly deploy in eco-system safe

Wednesday, 21 August 2019 12:47

Fetch TV

Hybroad STB, as the main part of Fetch ecosystem, through three times smooth innovation of platform and software in 10 years, powerfully supports

-Leading apps as Netflix, Youtube, Amazon, Stan, Hayu and ESPN built right in

-Pause and rewind live TV. With this ability you can watch your favourite shows when it suits you.

-Easily record whole series with 1TB hard drive.

-7 day TV guide.

-Free-to-Air Catch-Up.

-Record 6 channels while watching another one.


Hybroad brings Fetch :

-Stable customized hardware and short time-to-market product

-Elegant appearance and powerful function

-Effective collaboration, fast software integration to quick start service

-Professional software development and support

-Integrate and pass Netflix, Amazon etc certification in 3 months

-Apps development support: Netflix, Amazon, Stan, YouTube


Fetch Australia, Fetch is an Australian owned business, with backing from one of Asia’s leading pay TV providers, Astro All Asia Networks.

Fetch is working in partnership with leading internet service providers (ISP’s) like Optus, iiNet, Dodo, iPrimus etc to introduce an entirely new breed of entertainment experience featuring the best of TV, video on demand, and interactive applications like Netflix, Amazon, Stan, YouTube etc



H670T is a client DVB-T2 STB incorporates Broadcom's industry-leading advanced chip BCM7218X to support a 4K×2Kp60 with unique multi stream concurrent picture-in-picture (PIP). H670T incorporates Broadcom's industry-leading advanced programmable luminance mapping (PLM) system, highest-performance advanced graphics processing, and leading 1-Gbit+ Wi-Fi 6 connectivity for wired and wireless networks.
STB Wi-Fi 6 WLAN subsystem (802.11 MAC/baseband/radio) can operate in both 2.4-GHz and 5-GHz modes, also support Bluetooth 5 on 2X longer range and 4X higher data throughput.
The PLM system allows for seamless and highest video quality SDR-to-HDR and HDR-to-SDR video conversion with the concurrent blending of graphics.
The BCM7218X is the world’s first single-chip, Ultra High-Definition TV (UHDTV) SoC with AV1 support and integrated Wi-Fi 6 (IEEE 802.11ax), designed for satellite, cable and IPTV set-top box (STB) applications.
H670T will ready to market by Mar, 2020.
H670T - 4K UHD STB with Wi-Fi 6

H670T - 4K UHD STB with Wi-Fi 6

H670 series set-top box is one of the world’s first 4K UHD STBs good support AV1 video decoding, Wi-Fi 6 (802.11AX) and Verimatrix Ultra DRM functions.   This STB was designed for telecom, broadcasting and Pay TV operators and ready for volume...

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Monday, 11 November 2019 15:42

Meet with us at APAC Android TV Summit

Meet with us at APAC Android TV Summit to learn about how we can help you execute on your Android TV journey through the Hybroad New Gen STB solutions. Contact us to meet with us at the event!


November 12 - 14,

The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam, Bangkok, Thailand



The Hybroad’s STBs deployed in Brisanet means that market of Brazil is gradually opening the door for us. Such a successful cooperation case provided a solid foundation for entering Brazi marketl and also played an exemplary solution for operator in Brazil.


Brisanet ranked the top 10 FTTH operators, Hybroad has supplied IPTV set-top boxes  to Brisanet since 2014. Hybroad and Brisanet achieved  in-depth development of bilateral cooperation in these two years through the effort of all BDT team. Our product and service also gained good remark and acceptance from customers.


About Brisanet

Brisanet is a quite influential local operator, with substantial user base and excellent quality of the users. In addition to providing local TV content, Brisanet also provides Disney TV content, National Geographic and other IPTV channels.

Hybroad Vision is pleased to announce that FPT is extending its collaboration with Hybroad in IPTV and OTT business.

A301 is a powerful 4K HEVC STB supporting WIFI 802.11n in both Linux and Android OS. A good performance Pure IP HEVC client device delivering users a stunningly realistic viewing experience that blends live and OTT services across broadcast and broadband networks.

About FPT

Found in 1997, FPT is the third largest telecom operator in Vietnam, providing FTTH, ADSL/VDSL, IPTV, VOIP, Remote control, Supervision and cloud service with 20 years of experience and over 6 million subscribers.

As well as an OTT operator, FPT provides Linear TV service utilizing unicast adaptive streaming, such as HLS, dealt with challenges in their core network due to high optimization of streaming of Linear TV channels.

High M616T


Hybroad launches the new M616T following the footsteps of the current Gen2 Personal Video Recorder for one customer which designed a few years ago. One big improvement is that the M616T records up to six channels at once from three different networks or streaming pay TV. Along with streaming pay TV channels you've also got access to movie purchase/rentals and catch up TV.


UHD, certified with Netflix

The icing on the cake is built-in access to Presto, Stan, and Netflix with support for Ultra HD streaming. Access to Ultra HD Netflix alone will win the M616T a berth in some lounge rooms, assuming your broadband connection is up to the task. It even won praise from Netflix "Hybroad has done a great job in the world to support Netflix in 4K."



What's especially significant is that the M616T and H626T support the more efficient HEVC video codec, which lets you stream Ultra HD Netflix with as little as 15.3 Mbps at your disposal (rather than 25 Mbps without HEVC).

Hybroad, providing operators with customized IPTV / OTT / Hybrid STB products for over a decade, made impressive exposure through fruitful discussion with operators and partners on IBC 2016.


IBC, 9-13th Sep, Amsterdam, Hybroad shown on IBC as a visitor, met and discussed with operators and partners about project needs, how to strengthen collaboration as well as to support operators to the best, as an experienced STB manufacture along with partners to offer competitive solutions.


IBC 2016, emerging and mature market come across, broadcasting is transforming, IPTV/OTT/Hybrid, HD/4K/8K, Linux still be domain while android solution rises up, all in the same place presenting nowadays and future-popular TV experience.


With products portfolio ranging from zapper to high-end, mature IP/OTT and Hybrid STBs supporting HD to 4K, Linux to Android OS, and eco-system partnered with main-stream CA/DRM, middlewares, B/OSS systems, application like Netflix and YouTube certified, Hybroad is confident and well prepared to power operators’ TV strategies with cost-effective solution, secured with well support and short lead time.


For further info, please visit or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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